head shot 
Where do I begin?

Describing how I got to where I am today
is like struggling to complete a 10,000-piece jigsaw puzzle
and discovering that 4 key pieces are missing!

My world needs order and clarity, but sometimes that gets lost in the chaos that is my life.

I strive to do my best at whatever I do - sometimes that means
I choose not to take on a project, if I feel someone else could do it better.

I will always be honest about this.

Life should be FUN! 

My goal is to give you the opportunity to add a little more fun to YOUR life,
by taking some of the dreary tasks off your plate:


you need to get away for a vacation and can't take your pets
you need just a couple more hands to get your business in order
you've got something to present to the world and you need another set of eyes to review it
you've got something to say and aren't quite sure how best to say it